Second Opinion services

We’ll give you a full financial physical, identify what your ailment may be and write you a prescription that you can fill at whatever pharmacy you like. Because you are paying a one-time fee to become educated on your specific situation, there is no obligation to implement our recommendations through us.

Our Second Opinion Service will educate you to:

  • Understand what you are currently doing vs. what you need to do
  • Identify money falling through the cracks in taxes, excessive market risk, investment fees or lack of estate planning docs or insurance
  • Create a lifetime income plan designed to be more predictable and reliable regardless of market conditions
  • Pass a legacy to your family as simply and efficiently as possible

We will review and discuss your:

  • Current plan and course
  • Current investment holdings, risk, quality and fee structure
  • Current 401(k) Plan options
  • Current Insurance coverage and needs
  • Current estate planning situation
  • Current tax situation
  • Current budget
  • Need to replace lost income in the event of a spouses passing
  • Social Security options
  • Financial Plan
  • Specific recommendations going forward in an effort to create and pass on your financial legacy to your children and your grandchildren in an cost efficient and timely manner

Tap into our Second Opinion Services and make sure you are fiscally fit!

The Second Opinion serves as a way to simply check your “financial health” and help you diagnose financial problems you may currently have or potentially face in the future. Our proprietary LifePrint Advantage™ process is educational and provides you with an independent view of your current and projected financial health.

We will discuss how to decrease your financial complexity and increase your financial independence to help enjoy your fiscal health for years to come.

We will x-ray your personal investments, 401(k), insurance, wills/trusts and tax returns to determine how efficient your existing strategy is at accomplishing your goals.

While you have choices, some are more advantageous than others and speaking with a qualified, independent professional will help ensure you make the best decision for your specific needs and budget. Maybe you are thinking about changing careers, starting a new business or making another life change; we can help you make those decisions with confidence.

Navigating a maze of personal and financial decisions can be overwhelming; why not have a Second Opinion to make sure you are on the right path?